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Skin Care Products | Sarasota, FL | Perfect Skin and Body Care Day Spa | 941-677-2295

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Deep Cleansing Milk
Very gentle deep cleansing milk that eliminates all impurities and makeup while respecting the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Perfectly suited for sensitive skin and eye makeup removal.

Foaming Cleanser-Shower Hydrating Milk SL
For normal to sensitive skin
Gentle lathering cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. Cleanses and protects the skin against bacteria leaving it soft and supple.

Foaming Cleanser – Shower Hydrating Milk NB
Lathering cleanser for face, neck and body hygiene. Specifically formulated for normal to oily skin. Cleanses and protects the skin against bacteria leaving it soft and moisturized.


Stabilizing Lotion (pH)
Calms the skin and rebalances the skin’s pH. Removes all traces of impurities.


Essential Concentrate Hydro-Tonifying

Rich in hydrating and tonifying complexes such as hyaluronic acid. Renders a clear radiant complexion and firms the tissues while repairing sun damage.

Essential Oligo Concentrate (Restructuring)
For all Skin types, including oily and mature
Reinforces the cellular cohesion. Recontructs the defense of the epidermis. Protects against the negative effects of pollution.

Eye Contour Care

Eye Contour Micro-Gel -- Custom
High Performance eye treatment. Fights the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. Calms and reduces congestion.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Cream
Treating moisturizer for sensitive skin.
Anti-aging treatment for sensitive skin. Ideal for skin lacking vitality. Rebalances the pH and regenerates the epidermis. Favors the natural process of skin renewal.

Anti-Redness Bioarome (FL)
Serum for redness, sensitive skin, and telangiectasia
This treatment serum is ideal for red, couperose, and sensitive skin. Decongests the skin and strengthens the capillary walls.

Decongesting Bioarome (VD)
Serum to treat swelling
Decongests and removes all traces of tiredness. Face: congested, intoxicated and/or puffy  eyes.

Soothing Bioarome (CN)
Serum for sensitive skin
With its highly active ingredient complex, this treatment serum gently soothes irritated and sensitive kin leaving a more relaxed feeling of well-being.

Normalizing Bioarome (HY)
Serum to treat dark circles and grey complexion
Oxygenates the skin and improves the capillary microcirculation. Protects and regulates the capillaries.

Combination or Impure Skin (Blackheads)

Purifying Bioarome (DEP)

Serum for oily skin
Treatment serum for combination skin prone to blackheads. Perfect epidermis oxygenator and purifier.

Anti-Impurities Bioarome (DS)
Serum for papules (pimples) and sebaceous cysts
Purifies and detoxifies the skin. Treatment for impure, intoxicated and asphyxiated skin with pimples and cysts. To be used in combination with the Purifying Cream to obtain a clearer more radiant complexion.

Dehydrated Skin

Hydro-Control Cream
Hydrating cream for dehydrated to normal skin types
Maintains the water balance in the superficial layer of the epidermis.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Cream
Hydrating cream for dry and chapped skin
Regulates and nourishes the epidermis. Equilibrates the hydrolipidic film.

Regenerating Oil
For dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. Scars.
This deep tissue repairing oil will generate new cells while providing natural lipidic supplements to the skin.

Wrinkled Skin

Optimum Lift Cream
Anti-wrinkle treatment cream
Anti-aging treatment cream. Strengthens the collagen fibers and accelerates cellular renewal. Slows down the aging process and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Revitalizing Bioarome (RC)
Serum for wrinkled, devitalized and tired skin
Anti-aging treatments serum for devitalized wrinkled skin. Stimulates the cellular renewal process and reinforces the structure of the skin while restoring its natural firmness.

Firming Treatment

Toner Cream
Treating cream for toneless sagging skin
This intensive treatment cream, rich in elastic proteins, will help to strengthen and energize the skin.


Anti-Brown Marks Cream
Treating cream for uneven skin and dark spots
This advanced treatment cream normalizes the Melanocyte activity responsible for brown pigmentation spots.

Sun Damaged Skin

Vivifying Cream
Treating cream for dehydrated, dull and sun damaged skin
Provides the perfect solution for skin lacking vitality and in need of a boost. Revitalizes and regenerates the epidermis favoring the natural process of cellular renewal.


Evolution Actinyl N°1 – Balancing Care
For acne prone skin, papules and pustules
Localized treatment to eliminate impurities and dead cells. Regulates the secretion of sebum. Prevents breakouts and destroys the bacteria responsible for pimples and/or imperfections.

Evolution Actinyl N°2 – Repair Care
Moisturizer for acne prone skin. Prevents from scarring
Regulates the secretion of sebum in order to balance the cutaneous lipids. Accelerates the cellular activity to prevent scarring.

Evolution Actinyl N
°3 – Purifying Cleansing Foam
Purifying deep cleansing foamy wash
Deep cleansing action that purifies and protects the skin without causing any irritation and dryness.

Evolution Actinyl N°4 – Blemish Clear
Local care (roll on) for acne
Specific and localized care for oily impure skin. Reduces the excess of sebum. Regulates acne prone skin.

Evolution Actinyl N°5 – Com’Extract
Blackheads removal serum
Special care for oily impure skin presenting blackheads. Clears clogged pores. Purifies and cleanses while preventing the oxidation of the cutaneous lipids.


Anti-Redness Emulsion
Treating cream for rosacea and sensitive skin
Decongests and balances the capillary circulation. Repairs and strengthens the capillary walls to eliminate and prevent redness on the durface of the skin.

Anti-Redness Micro-Gel
Treating cream for acne rosacea
Fights acne rosacea. contains ingredients such as Cratagus Monogina and Butcher’s Broom extracts to destroy the Demodex Folliculorum mite.


Sun Care

Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 30 – Chrono Repair
For the face and the body. For all skin types
Developed to protect the skin against the damaging UVA / UVB rays. Keeps your skin young and hydrated with the added anti-aging actives. Non-comedogenic.

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